Gene Simmons

I had what seemed to be an extended dream or several dreams about Gene Simmons.

He was saved and had a “concert” but in the concert there was a huge room that was decorated incredibly; I was on stage watching him very closely minster and the Lord was anointing him; he was saved and was operating in a very powerful anointing.  The room was painted in grey and some other symbols that were not demonic at all.  I knew it was real as I was there; In fact I was describing what was happening to a lady; his pastor was there and was taking a lot of heat from the “religious” folk.  I said “thank you for inviting him”. Thousands were coming to Christ and the devil most certainly was trying to kill him; he was like a modern-day Paul in that he had come back to the God of his fathers.  The lady was looking at me kind of unsure that this was God and I repeatedly thanked her for what God was doing and I encouraged her.  I feel she represented the church.  The church and Christian leaders needs to be sure that this is God and feel encouraged, we are to encourage the church to pray for Gene and I know that God is going to do this.  I will pray Lord, I will believe.  I will try to contact him.

Back to the dream, as I was telling her this I suddenly realized that this was not true as of yet and that this was a dream.  I could not believe that this was a dream as it was so real to me.

Part 2; the huge room was very technically advanced and nothing had been spared by Gene or God.  It was a place where the power of God was so strong that instant deliverances were happening from the demonic and Satanism.  The room had an element of heaven to it.  I did not see this but sense it now; it’s like God was showing me the vehicle or the tools itself; the facility before the big concert.  But, yet I was fast-forwarded and saw Gene Ministering under the anointing.  God had done it and it was a miracle and heaven was fully in charge.  There had been a plan and it was being flawlessly executed.  The venue was other-wordly.  I was backstage and looking at the equipment.  I was shocked to find out that it was a dream after it was over – while talking to the “lady”.  People did not want to leave.  It looked like it was portable but in some cases also a stationary facility.  One part the whole room turned into a baptismal even though I did not get that aspect at the time.  They said that they could flood parts of the room from the “river”, and that it would flow in various directions and that part would become an ice rink.

Gene was obviously placing his life in danger but he was on a divine assignment from the God of his Fathers and Jesus.  He did not care, he executed the “plan” with precision and God was proud of him.

In the natural I know that Gene has spoken up about Obama and what is happening to the USA.  He must be very close now, saints we need to pray for his salvation ad for his calling to rescue millions from death metal music, Satanism and the occult. God has a plan, we need only to pray.  Pray for me that this dream can get to Mr. Simmons and that God’s plan for him will be fulfilled and that the church will believe.

I asked the Lord, “What do you want me to do?” and He said “raise up intercessors to pray”.

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