California Statewide Strategy, January 18th, 2014

A statewide strategy to usher in the greatest move of God in our lifetime.  A move that spans all Seven Mountains.  A move that combines many of the the intercessors in the state.

God will use a consortium, it is too big for one person. consortium, according to Wikipedia is an association of two or more individuals, companies, organizations or governments (or any combination of these entities) with the objective of participating in a common activity or pooling their resources for achieving a common goal.
We are to build a tower to heaven; the tower of babel was man’s attempt to connect heaven and earth but God is going to build a tower both in the natural and in the spirit to heaven through us.  It is going to be a spiritual tower or ladder in which heaven’s resources come to earth and his angels as well as a natural tower or channel; supply channels, marketing channels, distribution channels, etc.   It is going to be a spiritual structure that will enable economically and spiritually the end-time harvest.  California’s destiny is to empower the end-time harvest says the Lord; as the spirit was poured out in 1906 and went around the world now the spirit and and finances will be poured out upon it; not only will California getting out of debt but the surplus will be so large as to finance the end-time harvest around the world!  
As entire towns went from bust to boom so shall certain cities in CA; this is God’s strategy.  God will rush into them; people will rush to these meetings that will literally host the presence of God 24×7.  There are these pockets (like gold) that God has hidden and these cities will spring-up and host the presence.  It will also help commerce in these cities.  We are to study the cities like San Francisco that experienced the gold rush in 1849.  I believe that the types of Gold that Johnny Enlow is referring to in his recent word about 12 types of gold is actually these cities and the expressions of God’s glory or moves of God that will be manifest there.  There will be a habitation of God’s presence and new “spiritual tourism” industries will spring-up from around the world. 
I also believe that the types of Gold may also be referring to new industries that are going to spring-up in cities.   
Hearing “There’s gold in them-there hills”.  This is where the gold will be found.  In the hills.   Agoura Hills, Morgan Hills, Beverly Hills, Berkeley Hills; the cities and places that have the name “Hills” in them.  

God is going to use his people in the entire world, their prayers and their finances to help save California and help California fulfill its destiny to be a blessings of the world and to be at the head of nations.  Those that have lived here, those that have visited Disneyland; those that have been blessed by California technology.

I have been prophesying throughout much of this.  This is my gift, to bring a strategy, to bring Heaven to earth for the State of California. To build a superstructure, a new tower to heaven that shall be headquartered in California.   We are here for at least 3-5 years as missionaries to this great state and I am hitting the ground running in 2014.



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