Blowing holes through atmospheres; connecting heaven and earth for access and provision of God’s resources for God’s people.  Networking open portals to transform regions with revival, renewal and refreshing.

Gates2Hollywood is:

A training ground and base to give structure to our and your initiatives in Hollywood affecting the LA area, all of California, the USA and the nations of the world.

What happens in Hollywood affects the world.


Bill Fowler, one of the organizer’s of the “Line in the Sand” meeting along with David Andrade (see video) in the Rose Bowl on 11.11.11 and a father to us at G2H said and we quote …

“Last night’s (G2H) gathering was the most awesome open-heaven meeting that I have ever been in.” – Bill Fowler



In a vision I, Charles saw Hollywood as the Coliseum in Roman time.  What was taking place in the coliseum was being projected to the entire world.  This is Hollywood’s access and calling.  All the world had access to see but only select people had access to the “programming” of what went on inside.  However, as in Roman days, Christians were being persecuted and mocked and this was on the world stage. The enemy was using Hollywood to literally flood the world with an evil flood.  Rev. 12.

I saw that the Lord desired to open up access to many more Christians to influence what was taking place inside and that there were numerous gates or access points strategically placed around the circle of the coliseum but that most were barred from access by the enemy.  God then said to “Open up those access-points to allow My people to come in and to be the influencers that I have called them to be.  My message of love, mercy and salvation needs to flow to the people of the earth!”.  Then in the vision the gates were opened and the enemy was overpowered by a flood of righteousness, creativity and love like the world has never seen.


Theme Song: Open Up The Gates  Open the Gates

What’s in a name:

Gates 2 Hollywood.    Gates: We believe that there are entrances to the Arts and Entertainment Mountain that are strategically placed in various physical locations in Hollywood.  We are to identify and fortify those access points through prophetic prayer and intercession.  With that said there are also spiritual gates or portals (like the “Stairway to Heaven” or “Jacob’s Ladder” that Jacob in the Bible experienced) .  See Genesis 28:10-19.  We are to release and cooperate with these gates which are access-points for the angelic realm.  Those ministries that are most powerfully used  in this day are those that recognize and cooperate with heaven through God’s angels.

For example, a gate can either let people in or keep them out.  God’s Holy Spirit has been barred from access to many areas of Hollywood and we are here to say “Open wide you Gates of Heaven, open wide you eternal doors, for the King of Glory is coming through”.  Ps. 24.  An example of a physical gate is a prominent studio that has not been redeemed.  There are good gates and evil (demonic) gates.  God’s assignment to us is we are to close the demonic gates of access to this region.